Streamline Architects and Artisans has had some incredible projects over the course of the last year including the Tangled Wood, Roam, Blue Iguana, East Moline Glass Headquarters, and many more. But the most exciting project we have been working on is the Rust Belt concert venue in East Moline, IL.

The 4,000 person concert venue is an appeal in itself, it will have the ability to host small intimate shows or large head-banging festivals within a built environment that was once a carriage buggy factory, the assembly line for the Moline Knight (car), and most recently the house of East Moline Metal Products. The venue instills the character of the Quad Cities, blue collar, hardworking, assembly line work that is the driver of our economy in the Quad Cities.

The atmosphere is one thing, but the attention to detail and function is most important for the owner. He has three goals for the project: 1. Easy parking 2. No wait at the restroom 3. No wait at the bar. As a patron steps into the venue their jaw will drop, when the music starts their jaw will drop, and when the concert is over patrons will leave feeling great! We are excited for the Quad Cities to get a sneak peak of the Rust Belt this week at the inaugural Moeller Nights Fest. Tickets are available at

This week the Rust Belt will provide a sneak peak, but what is to come will be one of the coolest places to visit in the Quad Cities and Midwest. Featuring a Brewery, Food Hall, Arcade, Cross Fit, Cofffee Shop, Comedy, Furniture and Fabrication design, ARCHITECTS, and a retail store by Streamline Artisans. All under one roof !!!