Did you know [design] [build] by architects has an Airstream?  Specifically a 1967 26 ft Overlander?  No we don't plan to go camping. . . well maybe.  We are currently renovating the Airstream to be our mobile office on the construction site!  [design] [build] by architect's mission is to bridge the gap between architects and contractors during design and construction.  We plan to do this by positioning the project architect's office on the job site during key phases of construction such as framing walls, MEPs rough-ins, and key finish installations.  By doing this, we streamline the RFI (Request for Information) process, increase coordination between construction documents and as-builts, and most importantly the architect is finally part of the construction team!

Have you ever been in an Airstream?  Before purchasing this Airstream last October, my knowledge of these Silver trailers consisted of highway run-ins and Movie star Matthew Mcconaughey's place of residence.  Little be known, these trailers were modern marvels of their day.  For example, in 1967 the Overlander featured electric brakes (which still work), an automatic water system with pumps, a gas furnace, stove and oven , and my favorite feature, the aqua color fiberglass bathroom.  These features have become everyday practice, but what marvels me is the level of detail.  Of course the exterior is polished aluminum, but did you know the interior wall panels are composed of aluminum as well?  There has to be a million pop rivets on this trailer!

I'm sure we will be disowned by the Airstreamer community for what we are doing to this masterpiece.  Once completed, the 67 Overlander will have a modernized kitchen, a digital conference table with a flatscreen tv, and a workstation equipped with dual monitors for the project architect.  The collaborative space will allow the project architect to coordinate the 3d interactive design model with the construction team throughout the project. 

Check out Construction Progress Here!