In the midst of campaign season, the primary election in Illinois is today and the caucuses in Iowa were a few weeks ago.  It seems like this election year is never going to end!  I have been getting bored with the constant bickering on the Republican side and the lofty promises on the Democratic side.  Therefore last night I began to search for an alternative strategy to help me decide who to vote for today. 

What does your home say about you?  I began google searching in a "semi-stalking"  manner for the home's of each candidate.  Come to find out Forbes has already done so!  So what does each home say about the  candidates.  

  • Donald Trump's condominium in New York City reminds me of an Egyptian emperor's home at the top of an ancient pyramid overlooking the New York City skyline.
  •  Ted Cruz's condominium in Houston Texas stands 30 stories taller than its neighboring buildings which must make it easier to rule the land.
  • Marco Rubio's house in Miami, Florida is a huge surprise, he actually lives in a neighborhood, in a home similar to his neighbors.
  • Hillary Clinton's secluded mansions are the exact opposite of anything that resembles the middle class.
  • Bernie Sander's home in Vermont is what you would expect, modest two story home with resemblance to your grandparent's home.

For many people, their home is part of their self-definition.  Each candidate's home is a reflection of the values they believe in and will most likely be the characteristics the candidate represents in the White House.  

Forbes - 2016 Presidential Candidate Home Slideshow